At SoCarb, our versatility allows us to meet your specific needs for
Slitting, Slotting, Cutting and Milling.  We offer a wide variety of options including coarse, fine, or microfine tooth configurations for your machining needs.

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At Southern Carbide Specialists, we're dedicated to providing the finest quality precision carbide products for manufacturing industries who produce a wide range of products.  Whether you make the most delicate ultra tolerance parts, minute electronic components, or exotic precision operating elements, let Southern Carbide Specialists work with you to streamline your production needs.

Our products are manufactured using the highest
quality sub-micron grain tungsten carbide.  Grades of
carbide can be matched to the application to increase
tool life and production.  All saws are made with our "SuperFinish™" to reduce cutter drag.
  • Solid Carbide Cutting Tools

  • Slitting Saws

  • Jewelers Saws

  • Keyset Cutters

  • Woodruff Cutters

  • Carbide Burrs

  • Stainless Steel Burrs

  • Carbide Saw Re-Sharpening Services

  • SCS SuperFinishä Saws

  • Special  and Surgical Burrs

  • Carbide Saw Sets

  • Hub Style Saws

  • Alternate Tooth Relief Saws

  • Double Angle Saws

  • Specialty Form Cutting Saws

  • Commutator Saws

  • Corner and Full Radius Saws

Toll Free:  800-343-1573
Phone:  229.263.8927  |  Fax:  229.263.9268

We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified
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SoCarb offers solid engineering background
and years of experience in machine tool technology. 
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